Creative Director & Director of Photography Andrew Clark [PODCAST: How I Got This Gig S01E10]

It’s episode #10 of How I Got This Gig and this episode’s guest my good friend and talented cameraman/producer, Andrew Clark with AsiaWorks in Singapore.


Andrew is more than a cameraman. He is a Producer, Director, Editor, and Story-teller. He’s travelled the world working for major international news outlets like the BBC and CNN.

During our conversation, we talk about working in television journalism around the world, the importance of having a good fixer, what it’s like to set-up a media company and work in China, and tips to prepare to get a great interview.

We also share stories of our first shoot together in China – where we were viciously attacked by pandas* – how there are two types of cameramen in the world, and which one you should strive to be.

Andrew and Dean’s Chengdu TVC:

Panda Attack Footage:

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Acquisitions & Channel Manager Brian Lau [PODCAST: How I Got This Gig S01E09]

It’s episode #9 of How I Got This Gig and this episode’s guest is the former Vice President of Content & Communications for the Fox Network Group in Asia.

In his conversation with Burman, Brian reflects on navigating the complex world of an International Broadcaster, and talks about how he went from working as a Mechanical Engineer to programming Asian film festivals in the US, to ultimately acquiring content for and programming a US movie channel in Asia.


Brian also shares his thoughts on how luck factors into your career, why it may NOT be advantageous to stick with one company too long, and why being a jerk is a legit management style.

Brian’s first cinematic employer:

Fox Network Group Asia:

Brian and Dean’s TV Program Collaboration (VIP Access: SCREENTEST):

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YouTuber Bobby Burns [PODCAST: How I Got This Gig S01E08]

It’s episode #8 of How I Got This Gig and in this episode I’m talking with YouTuber Bobby Burns about how he built his platform on YouTube.


Bobby Burns makes his living from YouTube. He is a content creator for CinemaSins, BrandSins, and has a handful of his own channels with a couple hundred thousand subscribers. His first breakthrough video, a parody trailer of Frozen as a horror film, has over 15 million views. Since then he has built a strong platform with hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers. He just wrapped filming on his first youtube-based feature film. Oh, and he’s only 19 years old. But don’t think he’s any overnight success.


And During our conversation, we talked about what makes a great youtube video, how to handle haters, and what he hopes to accomplish with his YouTube-Only feature film.

Bobby Burns:

Cinema Sins:

Brand Sins:


Frozen as a Horror Film Video:

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