Producer & Teacher Thomas Leung [SEASON FINALE: How I Got This Gig S01E13]

It’s the Season Finale of How I Got This Gig and Burman wraps up his Asia interview series with a reflective conversation with Freelance Producer and Teacher, Thomas Leung.


Though an experienced and talented creative, Thomas has recently found himself at a crossroad in his career. Does he still get the same joy out of his work when it’s all business?

Thomas gives very real, honest, and passionate interview about how he sees the current state of the video production industry. Burman and Thomas discuss the challenges of pitching and quoting to potential clients, they debate the cost/benefits of investing in new technologies, and Thomas shares the story of what drives his passion for storytelling.


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Radio Personality Adam Liefl [PODCAST: How I Got This Gig S01E12]

Another one in the can.  It’s episode #12 of How I Got This Gig and I visit myFM studios to chat with radio host Adam Liefl.

Adam loves radio. He’s having a blast working as an on-air host with the myFM broadcasting group, and it’s infectious. He is a an Announcer, Copywriter, Editor/Operator, Producer, MC, and more.

During our conversation, Adam talks about how he initially felt like a fish out of water when he started working in a small, local market; the importance of getting involved with the community in which you work; and how his company is embracing technology and innovation to grow their reach.


Adam also shares tips on copywriting, speaking efficiently and professionally on-air, and tricks on how he manages content creation for his daily show.

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Executive Producer Kelvin Mok [PODCAST: How I Got This Gig S01E11]

It’s episode #11 of How I Got This Gig and Burman continues his interview series from Asia, speaking with his former colleague, Executive Producer Kelvin Mok.


Kelvin Mok has been producing TV commercials for almost two decades. He didn’t set out to work in commercials but when he did the math after selling his thesis documentary film he decided that perhaps ‘art’ films don’t quite have the ROI he was hoping for. Since then he has produced international spots for McDonalds, Coke, KFC, Volkswagen, and many other world-renowned brands.

During his conversation with Burman, they talk about jumping into the deep-end, doing jobs you might not be qualified for; navigating bullsh*t in the biz; and the importance of understanding at the end of the day it’s just a job.

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