Music Video Director Amit Dabrai [PODCAST: How I Got This Gig S01E02]

Episode #2 of How I Got This Gig is all about Amit Dabrai’s journey from musician in India to music video director in Canada.


What I love about doing these interviews is finding out the surprising educational background of some of my guests. Amit is one creative whose degree is in something that might surprise you – or might not – but that hasn’t stopped him from carving out a successful career directing music videos for artists like Lights, Sam Roberts Band, and the Arkells, and TV commercials for brands like Coca Cola and Virgin.


During our conversation we talk about getting old and staying creative, working with artists, and how to be a disruptor to advance your career.  Enjoy!

Amit’s Showreel:

Dean’s Company Website:




Creative Director Burman Lam [PODCAST: How I Got This Gig S01E01]

It’s the premier episode of our new podcast How I Got This Gig, and I talk with long-time friend and co-Video Twin Burman Lam.

Burman Lam is a Producer/Creative Director who has worked both in Asia and Canada.  He helped create brilliant TV commercials for companies like Canon, Sony, the Singapore Tourism Board, and Proctor & Gamble.  He also spent a number of years as a Creative Director for National Geographic Channel Asia and Fox International Channels.


(We like to tease him because of his likeness to Hong Kong action star Michael Wong – who Burman has directed!!  AWKWARD!!!)

In this episode, Burman shares the story of his journey from camera assistant to broadcast Creative Director. We also discuss managing a creative team, navigating office politics, and the pros and cons of being a ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’

Burman’s Show Reel:



dean rainey


Well, we’ve gone and opened our big mouths…

…and started a podcast!!

It’s a podcast about how people found their way into jobs in the media industry.  From film, television, radio, to print and online…we’re talking to people in all kinds of media and in all kinds of jobs.

Here’s our short blurb:

How I Got This Gig is a podcast about the paths creatives and technicians take to break into the mysterious media industry.  Film, Television, Radio, Print, Internet – it’s not always a straight line to a career in these fields. And once you establish a career, how do you go about sustaining one?

If you’re considering a career in film, television, radio, or print – think twice and listen to this podcast.

Hosted by Dean Rainey of the Video Twins, How I Got This Gig features conversations with established media veterans sharing their stories of breaking in and hanging onto careers in the media industry.

You can check out our first two episodes here:

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